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just me. October 13, 2009

Originally from Chicago, I currently have a catering and event planning business, specializing in Asian cuisine.
I have an affinity to travel, to live in different cities, and to firsthand explore the life in these cities…my perpetual love affair with food, travel, and design are boundless!
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Sarah Lee


38 Responses to “just me.”

  1. Jinyoung Jang Says:

    I came to check out your blog…i really like this format. I love all the shops and the photos are awesome. I hope you find some great people and launch your TV career soon.

  2. Jinyoung Jang Says:

    amazing pictures. I love how you’re showing me Australia from the perspective of my interest. hahaha…

    anyways…hear of this place?
    i think they sell the single origin coffee that you talked about, no?

  3. Wynette Tran Says:

    I came to your website as well as ur blog, and really love pictures and your trips.

  4. Andy Says:

    Thanks for your journal on Strathfield in Sydney. My wife is so excited after seeing your duboki stand photo. We are flying to Sydney (from Melbourne) tomorrow to try it out.

  5. Paula Says:

    Hello, I love the pictures of Seoul. I am the mom of one of the kids in your picture from the Holt Reception Center. We were recently matched with her to adopt her and will be traveling in the fall to get her. She is the one in the yellow sitting in the highchair with ALL THE HAIR. Would you mind sending me the pictures you have of her? This one and any others that you might have? It’s such a blessing to get extra pictures of my baby!

  6. tianxin Says:

    이뿐 사진과 글 잘보았습니다.

    표현력이 좋은가봐요. 정말정말!!

    포샵 실력도 좋아 보이구요. 더 많은 이뿌고 좋은 글 올려주세요

  7. aaron Says:

    Hi, just visited Eddy’s Cafe @ Gosok Terminal tonight and loved the food. Searched the web to see what people are saying, your blog pops up first, and we recognized you from our visit! Great photos here. Looking forward to trying The Spice soon.

  8. Miko Says:

    Hi, I just found your blog… Love your pictures they are so beautifully taken… makes me hungry also hehe… Keep up the good work 🙂 Funnily enough I was in Chicago when you were there, but we were complaining how there is no good food… and then I saw your pictures hehe.. Oh well next stop is Seoul so hope to get to go to the places you featured in Seoul 🙂

  9. Rodney Says:

    Love your web site, we are new to Seoul & i cannot find on any maps where Garasugil is located. We are in Seocho-Gu. What subway station would take us to the neigborhood where you ate Buldak.
    BTW we love Chicago, staying at the Dana hotel & Eating at MK.

    • thanks for stopping by! so garasugil is in sinsa dong…sinsa station, line number 3, exit 8. if you walk straight a few blocks when you come out of the exit, and walt to j tower (you can’t miss it), take a left, and that main street is ‘garasoo’. you will see a strip of cafes and restaurants!
      buldak is in jong no…i lost the address! but i’ll will find it and let you know 🙂 did you move to seoul recently?

      • Rodney Says:

        Hi, yes we just moved to Seoul, i arrived June 27th & my wife arrived this Tuesday. I have also started a food blog. A Yelper in korea.Thanks for the info, that is pretty close to us & close to Apjugeong an area we wanted to check out

      • Rodney Says:

        Hi, we recently finally made it to Garusu-Gil, Totally understand why you love the neigborhood, we found a fantastic Green Tea Pork BBQ Restaurant on a side street of the main drag. Also we ate at Eddys cafe last Saturdau night & loved it, you can see my reviews at

  10. Alex Says:

    Hi, awesome blog. I just ran across it when I was feeling pretty down about the state of the culinary scene here. I live in Incheon so it looks like I will have to move to Seoul. BTW do you have twitter so I can follow you updates? Anyway Thanks again…………respect for the bit on my home Strathfield to…….

  11. sieyee Says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for sharing all the info about ur Korea trip. I am going to korea early nov and hope i can enjoy all the food!! I am sure your blog really help me a lot!! Ke Ke

  12. cralsies Says:

    Just happened to stumble across your blog. Love the pictures of Changdukgung and think it’s hilarious (and adorable) that your name is Sarah Lee and you love food ~ how apropos^^ Cheers.

  13. Karen Hong Says:


    i was linked to your website through i’m actually also originally from chicago and i’m in seoul working as an architect at a firm. i live in cheongdam dong and was very interested in restaurants you mentioned around the area. any more recommendations? just looking through your pictures of chicago makes me so home sick! i really like your posts and your pictures. i want to go to every one of those places! keep up the good work! =)

  14. Rodney Says:

    Hi Sarah, we finally visited Garasu-Gil & loved it, very nice shops & Bars & Restaurants, we actually ate on a side street at a friendly Ajuma run Green Tea Pork BBQ. Also last Satursday we had dinner at Eddys Cafe in Shinsagae Dept store , we enjoyed the couple meal. I reviewed both on my blog A Yelper in Korea

    Thanks for your great tips

  15. Very nice blog. I wish I saw your site before visited over Xmas and New Years. If you get a chance, check out my latest posts about Seoul

  16. Emely Says:

    Hi ,
    I like your pictures to .I was adopted when i was 4 by belgium people .I always said i would like te go to Korea , buth work work work … Buth when i see your pictures it makes me more eager to have to visit the country where i was born …
    Is it expensive ?

  17. Hanna Says:

    Could you please email me? I would like to ask you about Korea..Thanks ^_^

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