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a love letter to audrey December 30, 2010

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audrey at her 1st birthday-february 2010

This is a love letter to my beautiful niece Audrey Haeun Lee.  A letter long overdue…for my close friends, you guys know how crazy I am about this little bean! There hasn’t been one get together where I wouldn’t go online and showcase her photos! kkk.

Unable to run around with her, since my arrival in Seoul 10 months ago, was pretty brutal. Thanks to skype and facebook, I feel that I’m somewhat living her life vicariously through the images posted by my brother Ray and his wife Jiye.  Not to mention in the earlier days (my family claims this), her baby photos resembled me when I was young! Of course over time, she is an absolute mirror image of Ray, along with Jiye’s sweet femininity and sweet charm! Hahahaha…

My heart skips a beat every time I think of her…

The photos are in random order (from most recent).  Audrey’s 1st birthday was Hanuri Catering’s last event in Chicago. A sweet farewell, but with remembrance.

A-고 모 will see you soon~


i call this the sarah jessica parker the streets of chicago!

jiye does a fantastic job in maintaining her ‘fashionista’ status!

following the footsteps of 고모 (me!)

first snowman...and i missed this!

so she looks a little better in a hat than me...kkk

father and daughter...matching pjs!!!

matching headbands...audrey at 6 months at my parents house

audrey's 1st birthday-this was a collaboration with good friend sarah kim-'truly smitten'

the table spread-audrey's 1st birthday

flowers for a's 1st birthday, designed by me:)

more can never get enough of the peonies!

twirling like a princess

my brother ray, baby A, sister-in-law jiye

too cute!

the dohl game...audrey ended up picking the mircrophone!

red velvet cupcakes


audrey in her hanbok with halmoni (jiye's mom)!



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