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Kyotofu Seoul December 22, 2010

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warm miso chocolate cake @ kyotofu-hannam dong

Kyotofu– the award winning Japanese dessert and sake bar from New York made its mark in Seoul!

This new family member in Hannam-dong (next to Itaewon) has definitely made a statement.  Took me a while to drop a visit, even though I was working right next door! The two visits I made, absolutely amazing!  Their signature dessert-sweet tofu is something that is a must…along with their tofu tiramisu and their warm miso chocolate cake.  I am happy to admit, I think they  have one of the best desserts in Seoul! Not to mention Anthony’s sweet hospitality (one of the partners), always make us feel at home 🙂

Next agenda: weekend brunch and to hit their sake list!

Kyotofu Location:

Yongsan-Gu, Hannam-Dong 682-1 1F, Seoul, Korea
Tel: 02-749-1488

Line #6, exit 3 (walk about 100 meters) to your left side

curried chicken salad with cranberry @ kyotofu

yummy desserts @ kyotofu

signature sweet tofu

signaure sweet tofu with kuromitsu syrup at kyotofu...just discovered this, and my life is just not the same anymore!

tofu tiramisu at of the best tiramisu's ever!

fancy beef donburi-kyotofu

truffle sake mac & cheese-kyotofu

inside kyotofu


3 Responses to “Kyotofu Seoul”

  1. Rosemarie Says:

    I just moved to Seoul early last week from Singapore and because of your post on Kyotofu, I just had to drop by and try it out today. And boy was it an awesome experience!!! I was so busy taking pics for my own Facebook photoblog and savouring every bit of the Dessert Kaiseki! Thanks for the post on Kyotofu and I can’t wait to read your next post! ^^

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