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German Food in Seoul? December 10, 2010

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open kitchen at barlin german restaurant

Barlin (pronounced Baerlin) is a German restaurant located in Susong-dong.  I recently stumbled upon this place with Chef Darren, and we both looked at each other and said ‘finally, proper sausages in Seoul!’ Authentic German Cuisine that’s truly hard to find in Seoul.  Although wasn’t a huge fan of their starter bread (nothing like The Spice’s bread!) and their sauerkraut…it was just okay. Loved their open kitchen concept with a mural above it, which added a nice element to the space.



Somerset Palace 1F, Exit 1 or 6 from Anguk Station, Line 3

beef tartar

you mix the tartar, then mold...

then spread the beef tartar on rye...yum!

finally, proper sausage in seoul, found at barlin! it was delish!

Then the 2010 Seoul light festival…absolutely beautiful!!!

seoul light festival at cheongyechun



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