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Changdeokgung Palace November 19, 2010

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i'm always in awe with korean architecture...

Friends have been telling me to check out Changdeokgung Palace since I got here, and I picked the most perfect day to spend my day off…the weather was amazing!  The changing of the leaves were absolutely speechless.  Inside the palace, you can tour the ‘queen’s secret garden‘-a 2 hour tour for 8,000 won. Note-there are specific tour times, and must get there early to reserve a spot!

My group was close to 100 or more, a pretty diverse group.  A few loners like myself, with their cameras ready in one hand, and hot coffee in the other.  It was a sweet, leisurely walk throughout the palace grounds…great time to spend with your significant others, or friends in town!

the queen's secret garden grounds-absolutely beautiful!

this is where i would like to live...


captivated by the colors...

cannot get over the colors of the leaves!!! perfect day...

yes, took this of myself...i went to the tour alone, and the photos that others took of me were so bad! so i decided to just take them myself...what to do...

600 year old tree below…

actual houses people live in!!!

someone lives here too. absolutely jealous. beyond words...

taking a photo of silly. so korean!


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