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a few new spots in garosugil… October 30, 2010

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one of the best sangrias, ever! allo papergarden-garosugil

I have to admit…I do write a lot about garosugil…but what can I say, I love my neighborhood, and there are so many places I have yet to check out! I’m still discovering new cafes, restaurants, shops, and bars each week. The list seems endless…but I do tend to make my way to the same places.  However, I’m really making more of any effort to check out the latest and the greatest sweet spots 🙂

allo restaurant in garosugil

elbon the table restaurant

i dined in front of elbon's open kitchen, loved seeing the chefs in action 🙂

scallops and asparagus-elbon

can't remember the name of this dish at elbon!!!

amazing lamb chops at elbon

assortment of salts provided with the meal at elbon...made a huge difference!

fig, cream cake-passion 5 bakery

mont blanc dessert from passion 5 bakery/cafe...too good to share!

sad i had to share these desserts with my roommate sally, although it was her birthday dessert!

deux amis cafe-garosugil

deux amis serves wedgewood tea!

green tea, strawberry cake served with strawberry macaroon at deux amis cafe. the macaroon was delish 🙂

inside deux amis cafe

new cafe-coffee kitchen in garosugil, one of the few places that offer swiss water process-decaf coffee!

coffee kitchen-garosugil


9 Responses to “a few new spots in garosugil…”

  1. Fadul Says:

    I will never be bored with your entries on Garosu-gil. I was in Seoul for the third time about a month ago and and it was my first time in Garosu-gil. The neighbourhood is so chic! I really love it! Another one was Samcheong-dong. So please share more of the restaurants and cafes that you’ve been to.

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  3. Raymond Lee Says:

    great blog. pictures are great, and the entries are well written.

  4. […] 图片来源: […]

  5. Beautiful pictures! Although I’ve only been to Garosugil once, it’s one of my favorite places in Korea. The dining scene is fantastic. Which restaurants & cafes do you recommend the most? 🙂

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