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sweet summer eats in seoul… July 25, 2010

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yogurt berry bingsoo at coffee smith (garasugil) my absolute favorite!!!

This summer I’ve been eating a whole lot of bingsoo, which is a Korean shaved ice dessert.  It’s normally served with red bean paste, fruits, rice cakes, ice cream…but the popular bingoo in Seoul these days is green tea bingsoo (along with other flavors such as yogurt, coffee, etc) with nuts, red bean paste, and ice cream.  The red bean paste is usually on the bottom, so you have to mix it well to get the full effect.  Is there anything better than eating  bingsoo on a hot summer day in Seoul???  Absolute addiction…

green tea bingsoo at coffee smith-garasugil

i sooo wanted to eat both by myself!

great vietnamese iced coffee at 'little saigon'

pho at 'little saigon' garasugil...known to be one of the best in seoul!

waited in line for 40 min. to eat 'buldak' spicy chicken at 'gong pyung dong' restaurant in jongno

‘Gong Pyung Dong’ is a tiny restaurant in the Jongno area, that specializes in ‘buldak’-extremely spicy chicken cooked over fire.  They do offer other items such as spicy squid and pork.  However, they are best known for their chicken.  This spot that’s over 20 years old,  located on a corner near the bustling downtown business district of Jongno.  While waiting in line, you begin to wonder why this place still has their original facade, with an interior that never had a facelift either!  Quite the charm that customers love and will return to, not just their amazing food.  The long wait was worth every minute!

grilling outside...they cook the meat before they serve it on your grill

'buldak' spicy chicken

green tea bingsoo at sugar bean lloyd cafe-garasugil

enjoying green tea bingsoo sugar lloyd cafe-garasugil

garlic squid cooked in foil...amazing!!!

enjoying chicken dukboki and garlic squid

spicy chicken at 'kuai' restaurant (garasugil) sooo good!!!

nice spread at 'kuai'

handmade dumplings at 'kuai'

'Tosokchon' samgaetang (chicken soup) restaurant in gyungbokgoong (exit 2)

preserved ginseng

alas...the best samgaetang (chicken soup) in seoul!

samgaetang served with shots of ginseng liquor


8 Responses to “sweet summer eats in seoul…”

  1. MAJ K Says:

    Sarah, you are killing me with all those Korean food photos. I only got 1 more month here in Kuwait. I dying for Korean food.

  2. jiye Says:

    yum!! have you been to betgodong in apku? it’s sooo good! you have to get their ojinguh tee geem and most importantly, their ojinguh boolgogi!

  3. simon Says:

    Do you have directions from the station(exit number) to this Gong Pyung Dong?


    • hi simon
      i actually don’t know from the station as i actually took the cab from the jongno station with a friend…and if you tell the cabbie to take you to the famous place and tell him the name, they should know. it’s on the corner off of the main street. sorry! btw, ck out my new

    • hi simon-ck out my new and go under the ‘sweet summer eats’ entry…and i left the directions there!

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