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Norangjin Fish Market-Seoul July 22, 2010

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On our day off last week, the Eddy’s Cafe crew (chefs from both gangnam and jukjeon) went to visit the Noranjin fish market with Executive Chef Darren.  It was my first visit, and I had an amazing time! We had a chance to check out what was available this season in Seoul, and picked our brains for new menu items.  Going to the fish market is definitely a must in Seoul! After our tour, we had fresh sashimi served at one of the restaurants below the market…along with a little soju of course 🙂 A great way to start the day…

just look at these lil fellas...i mean big fellas!

the biggest octopus i've ever seen...literally....

live crabs, they were moving!!!

fresh sashimi for lunch at the mkt!

spicy fish stew

lin and me...

eddy's cafe gang-one last pose at the norangjin fish mkt


3 Responses to “Norangjin Fish Market-Seoul”

  1. sunhee Says:


  2. Jelly Says:

    really interesting…
    makes me want to visit Korea soon 🙂
    thanks for this…

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