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Last Days of April… May 1, 2010

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lunch at 'take urban' cafe in gangnam

outdoor patio at 'take urban' the circles!

inside 'take urban' cafe-gangnam

amazing japanese izakaya spot my chef friend hyo yun introduced me to in hannam dong

these skewers were amazing!

fresh mochi dessert topped with grated wasabi-japanese izakaya spot in hannam dong

my boss recently brought these japanese red bean paste desserts from japan-just love the simple, yet beautiful packaging!

cherry blossoms bloom for a short 2 week period every april in seoul...

new menu items at eddy’s cafe-4th edition:

honey glazed apple and fig salad with crumbled brie, served with olive biscotti

eddy's cafe-chicken frittata with onion, bacon, baby spinach, oven roasted tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, and apple vinaigrette

eddy's cafe-breaded pork loin roulade, pickled mushrooms, with english mustard and orange cream and balsamic reduction

new menu item at eddy's cafe-vacuum cooked chicken with spring greens, red delicious chutney, topped with orange pommery vinaigrette

found this samgyupsal spot in my neighborhood recently-they add parsley, how random but it was sooo good!

sake/o-dang bar in garasugil

killer budae jjigae at 'ba da' restaurant-itaewon...and they add cheese!

amazing pastries at' passion 5' in hannam-dong

we weren't allowed to take photos inside 'passion 5' but somehow i was able to snap a few shots!

inside 'passion 5' cafe

this is too funny! starwars cafe in hongdae

love the paper lantern sign!

‘chamsae bangatgan’ in hongdae really has the best makuli (rice wine) and pajun!!! it was the perfect pair for a rainy day in seoul…

outside 'chamsae bangatgan' in hongdae

making the jun right outside the restaurant...everything looks sooo good!

absolutely the BEST kimchi jun (korean pancakes) in seoul-'chamsae bangatgan' in hongdae

inside 'chamsae bangatgan' in hongdae...

kimchi tofu @ 'cham sae bangatgan' in hongdae


7 Responses to “Last Days of April…”

  1. jiye Says:

    korea has such cool looking places!! and the food as always looks amazing..

  2. chicky*bits Says:

    YUM! I miss Korea already — glad to see you’re taking full advantage of all the amazing food out there! I need to go to that pajun place, like now. Hope you’re doing well, Sarah!! 🙂

  3. Karen Says:

    Hi there…I enjoyed reading your blog.

    I live in Hannam-dong…can you tell me the name of the Izakaya place? would love to try it. Thanks!

  4. […] Last Days of April… – … right outside the restaurant…everything looks sooo good! absolutely the BEST kimchi jun (korean pancakes) in seoul-’chamsae bangatgan’ in hongdae. inside ‘chamsae bangatgan’ in hongdae… kimchi tofu @ ‘cham sae bangatgan’ in hongdae. […]

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