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Precious Seoul Spirits-Korean Adoptees… April 29, 2010

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fell in love with this little one...

It’s interesting how I always had a heart for adoption, and would love to one day adopt a child myself!  Prior to coming to Seoul, I was hoping to connect with an agency or an orphanage in Seoul to help volunteer, as well as creating a food program to show kids how fun cooking can be!

Yesterday, I had an amazing opportunity to visit Holt adoption agency in Seoul with two Korean adoptee friends…and the crazy story behind this is just beginning…

The story behind how I fell upon Holt…my friend Jonathan Carfield (also a Korean adoptee currently residing in Seoul), had a friend visiting Seoul-Jonathan Fitzgibbon (also a Korean adoptee) from Los Angeles.  This was his first visit to Seoul, since he was adopted in 1980. These two guys were friends since high school in Nebraska, but lost touch over the years.  They only recently re-connected last year, and saw each other for the 1st time in 15 plus years in Seoul!

Jonathan Fitzgibbon was hoping to just stop by Holt to see if he can retrieve any additonal info on his past…only to find out that the agency actually had a lot more information on his biological parents!!!  They were not able to disclose any info on our first visit, but JF made an appointment to go back to Holt the next morning to discuss further details.

While meeting with the agent at Holt the first time, all three of us were nervous and excited at the same time! It really felt like we were about to take part in something amazing, regardless of the outcome.  Most of all, I was thrilled to be a part of this process! I cannot wait to see how all of this unfolds…

jonathan fitzgibbon's first visit to the nursery at holt...this was an emotional and exciting time for him...

check out my hair 🙂

this baby girl was only 6 days old when we met her!!!

jonathan loves these kids...

posing in front of holt adoption agency in seoul


11 Responses to “Precious Seoul Spirits-Korean Adoptees…”

  1. cindy Says:

    This is so great Sarah!!! Lately, my eyes have been really opened to adoptions, especially Korean ones…they are adorable but how on earth do you have time? 🙂 Hope you’re doing well! xoxo.

    • hey cindy-i ‘heart’ korean adoptees, and have thought about them for the longest time! i was able to go on my day off…but yes, my schedule is ridiculous, you just have to make time for what counts!

  2. jiye Says:

    i wanna know more! updates on this story pls!! 🙂

  3. Molly Janssens Dolhain Says:

    Amasing to see the same things as we visit a few day’s before you.
    My group growing adoptee from Belgium visit the same reception center when de little girl was only two day’s old.
    Succes with the research from your friend.
    But may I ask ?
    Do Holt know that you put the pictures from the baby’s on an open blog ?

    Molly the Halmeony for the Belgian adoptee

  4. Paula Says:

    Hello, I am the mom of one of the babies from the reception center. My daughter (Zoe) is the one in the highchair with ALL THE HAIR!!! Would you please send me any pictures you have of her? We will be traveling to Seoul in the fall to bring her home. We were recently matched with her in May and having pictures of her life there before we get her is such a blessing!

    • Hi Paula-
      i’m thrilled that you fell into my blog about holt! actually, i don’t have any other photos of your daughter…but i have to say i’m so excited that she will be joining you and your family? where are you from if you don’t mind me asking? and how did you get connected with zoe? will you be coming to korea soon to see zoe? well, if there is anything i can help with let me know 🙂
      i wish you the best!

      • Paula Says:

        We are in Tennessee. We are using Holt as our adoption agency and we are adopting her through their “waiting child program”. We were chosen as her family on 5/20 and we are doing the CRAZY amount of paperwork to get her home as quickly as possible. My husband and I will travel to Seoul (we should stay about 1 week) and then bring her home. A friend from the Holt message boards shared your blog and I clicked on it and saw my baby. (you obviously can’t miss all the hair) We are hoping to have her home (or at least be in Seoul to get her) by her birthday in late October.

      • hey paula-
        what is your email? i think it will be easier to correspond via email…i’m so happy for you guys!!! zoe will be so great, and i’m happy to hear she will have such a loving family! keep me posted!

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