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last moments in sydney December 13, 2009

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pad thai with chicken at spice i am

panang curry at spice i am

my last few days in sydney…

this is the cutest sign! miss chu is a hole in the wall vietnamese rice paper roll hot spot

miss chu herself taking orders! food was fabulous!!!

making fresh roti at mamak-popular malaysian spot

these noodles with fish were amazing at mamak!

traditional malaysian dish...actually, i wasn't too thrilled about this entree, mostly because i didn't know how to eat it! it's pretty random...

this was my favorite...roti with 3 different curries for dipping!

my last day was mostly spend at hyde park...absolutely love this park!

i thought this was pretty cool-anyone can join in on this chess game at hyde park! it was just fun watching them while drinking coffee...

my flat mate jackie treated me to coffee and sweets at sonoma right before taking off

had my last breaky at this cafe with kristi the morning i left...


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