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Donna Hay!!! October 15, 2009

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donna and i at the food market-david jones department store

donna and i at the food market-david jones department store

Some of you may know my addiction to Ms. Donna Hay from Sydney! I have been following her for years, and she truly is an inspiration! I personally think she’s above and beyond Martha Stewart. One thing I was looking forward to before coming here, was to try to meet her, and to visit her general store. So what did I do? The first week I was here, I went to her store, spoke to the ladies that work there, and they invited me to meet her!
Even before going back to her store, I knew she was participating in a breast cancer awareness event at the David Jones department store (the Harrod’s of Sydney). So I went out to see her there, and she really is the sweetest person! She then invited me to visit her store (hence, this will be my 3rd visit in less than 2 weeks! I swear I’m not stalking her!!!). So today was the day…got there mid-morning, and luckily I was able to catch her before she left to her city office. Her store is located on Holdsworth street, in a cute town called Woollahra. This neighborhood with the posh stores, cute cafes, mom’s with their $$$ strollers walking around, reminds me of the Chicago neighborhoods-Lincoln Park/Gold Coast/Winnetka all in one! Her store is tucked away in the middle of Woollahra, very easy to miss…and I wish I could buy just about everything in her store!
Anyhoo, when I spoke to Donna, I just asked her if she needed any help for her store, and she said yes! I had nothing to lose…Then she introduced me to another lady at the store, and asked if I can wrap Christmas gifts and bake? hahahaha…I would even mop her floors at this point! So I will be eagerly waiting for their phone call. I will keep you all posted 🙂

in front of donna's general store

in front of donna's general store


absolutely love these!!!

absolutely love these!!!


kids apron...too cute!

kids apron...too cute!


i want these!

i want these!

french macaroons!!!

french macaroons!!!


beautiful stationary

beautiful stationary



4 Responses to “Donna Hay!!!”

  1. degeneral Says:

    wow. the store almost doesn’t look real.

    tell her i can bake a little too – room for one more???

  2. Sarah! You are one LUCKY biz-natch!!! Everything in her store looks amazing and I wish I could buy everything too! What was it like meeting Ms Hay? Keep up your blogging! oooh! and I just had to post about this on my blog today too =)

  3. sarah!! everything looks beautiful!!!

  4. Wow Sarah! Looks amazing! You’ve been busy uploading photos! 🙂

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