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hello sydney… October 13, 2009

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Hello there…as this is my very first blog entry, I decided to finally create a blog dedicated to my love affair with food…with design…with travels. I am on holiday for 2 months in Sydney, and arrived here on October 2nd. Why am I here? First of all, my good friend Kristi has been trying for years, to figure out every possible way for me to make my way down here. Sydney is one of the cities that I had to visit, and also known as one of the food capitals of the world, why not come and check it out myself? October is the Sydney International Food Festival (SIFF) month, with endless things to do all food related. 2 months is quite a long holiday…but I had to take advantage of this food fest, as well as taking the time to explore the city inch by inch. It’s only been a little over a week, and I am absolutely in love with this city! The air…the water…the food…and the coffee. Oh the coffee!!! ‘Flat white’ as they say…shot of espresso with milk, is my choice of coffee here. Kristi gave me the run down on how to order a coffee, thank goodness. Aussie’s take their coffee very seriously, and boy they definitely don’t mess around! One place in particular that is known for their coffee, with their special brewing-‘Single Origin’ was amazing…check out the photo in this entry! It will be difficult to have coffee in Chicago after I leave Sydney.

the view from kristi and stephan's place-bondi beach!

'flat white' at single origin-THE best coffee ever!!!


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